Professional Development

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Classes & Webiars

Resume and Curriculum Vitae

Group virtual classes and webinars designed to teach paralegals how to draft and assemble a career portfolio, which include: Resumes, Curriculum Vitaes, letters of interest, cover letters, requests for references, thank you letters and more. 

Mock Interviews

Pro Interviewing Classes and Discussions

Town hall style group and individual  seminars, classes, and webinars allowing attendees to engage in low stress mock interviews, question / answer sessions, confidence building activities.



Learn how to build and  effectively distribute portfolios to colleagues, new networking connections and other professionals in your life to help find the career of your dreams.

About Me

A writing workshop designed to teach paralegals how to develop, write, and deliver an effective 30 second elevator pitch  to networking connections, colleagues and potential employers.

Legal writing workshops

Writing workshops for paralegals

Learn how to format, write, and scrub your documents.


Professional development is a continuum of learning  and engaging in activities, which  are designed to assist an individual in maintaining, and gaining credentials in his or her field choice.  Professional development for paralegals can include CLEs, resume,  legal writing, time management workshops,  

Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC hereinafter referred to as  “Company” is not a law firm, counselor, doctor, or licensed professional of any kind.

Although, the materials presented in Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC’s (“Company”) classes, seminars, and presentations have been prepared and presented by a professional the materials are being sold with the Attendees understanding and acknowledging the publisher including but not limited to the Company, its agents, volunteers, and speakers are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or medical advice. Any publication owned by the Company or its agent is NOT intended to be used as a legal opinion or analysis of any legal situation and is NOT a substitution for a licensed practicing attorney or CPA.

If you have come to the Company’s seminars, webinars, or CLEs with a complex legal or tax situation or you require the assistance of an attorney or CPA, you should seek the advice of a licensed practicing professional or an attorney of your own choosing.

A Curriculum Vitae is not a resume. It is the cousin of the traditional resume in the United States. There are a few similarities but it is important to understand there are differences.  A CV is a comprehensive overview of a professional’s education, credentials, skills, and past projects, cases, professional interests, and achieves.  CVs can be 1 to up to 12 or more pages.  CVs are used by  expert witnesses, lawyers, doctors, CEO’s and CPAs. 

A resume a brief overview of a person’s education, employment history and skills.  Resumes are usually 1 to no more than 2 pages. 

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