Mentoring is one of our most sought after services.  We offer long-term guided and structured mentoring designed by you for you. 


Meeting with your assigned mentor is essential to your success.  You and your mentor will decide together when, where,  and how you will meet.  There is no right or wrong way to work with a mentor.  The only real rules are :

1. Be Honest 

2. Show up 

3. Be consistent.  

Video Conference

Video calling or conferencing is the best meeting method because our mentoring programs are designed by you and mentor based upon your individual goals, interests, and needs, which are best shared in person. However, most mentors have evening, weekends, and daytime phone and email appointments available.

Length of time & style

 Keep in mind: our mentoring services are designed to mirror in person employment mentoring programs (i.e.Traditional Mentoring).

Our mentors focus on the same elements as coaching except sessions are  focused and structured  on teaching new skills. Our mentoring  programs require a longer commitment of time and resources from both the Mentor and Mentee. 


Essentially, you can expect our mentoring to focus on learning new skills; its primary outcome is  for our client to increase competence, proficiency, skill, know-how and/or wisdom.

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