Consulting services are perfect for virtual and freelance paralegals who need help developing, implementing, and doing certain business related tasks.   

Our consulting services are easy.  First you schedule a meet and greet. Then our experts meet with you and chat about all the things holding you back from achieving the goals you want to achieve.

Then we develop an assessment plan.  The assessment plan tells us when, how, where , and for how long  you will need our services.  From there we can develop an affordable fee for your services.

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We can assist you with developing  business, marketing, video and social plans.

The choice is totally up to you how far our team is involved in the  process and develop.


 Our experts are available for on site consultations and video conferencing consults.

For clients who love our suggestions at the end of the first few consulting sessions, but lack the know how to implement the needed changes can hire our experts to write, develop, create, and launch any action plan we develop.

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