We can help you make your vision come true

We are  paralegal marketing specialists, designers, developers and entrepreneurs that are dedicated to teaching you how to create digital solutions,  business, marketing, and branding plans, including PR, content marketing and social media to assist you in opening your own paralegal business or growing your current business.

 Our coaches and mentors  know that marketing is more than running advertisements, announcements, and posting to social media.  It’s the process of understanding your target market, your product, services, and the relationship between the two, which are essential for building and cultivating effect strategies, channels, and funnels.  And business and marketing plans are more than templates of document to filled in.  These documents are the cornerstone to any successful business. 

Our mentors and coaches are trained paralegal, who are also trained to teach business principles and marketing concepts, This unique combination of skills allows us to offer tailored training  to  serious freelance and self-employed paralegals. 


We offer tailored services which include:

  • nationwide  one-on-one engagements as needed, monthly, or by contract commitments; 
  • webinars class series for freelancers, law firms, paralegals,  and companies;
  • live and on-demand seminars;
  • small groups;
  • teleconferences  and  more.

Each client receives a tailored goal and training plan designed to foster and nurture growth, accountability, and overall learning of educational concepts in his or her area(s) of need.  The content and core objectives of each training session is customized for each client or group.  

In addition, there are special monthly and quarterly events produced open to current and prospective clients. As an author, marketing expert, nationally recognized virtual paralegal and motivational speaker, Holly A. Sheriff is available to deliver memorable LIVE (in-person) keynotes, courses, workshops, teleseminars & webinars, on a variety of topics business topics.


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