Money Matters

Straight forward

Each of our services have separate terms, conditions, and fees (price). Because we customize our services based on your individual needs, assessments, and interests each fee is different.

All Speaking Engagements are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the speaker’s agreements.  Clients are financially responsible for all out of pocket costs.  Additional fees for speakers may apply on a case by case basis.  

Payment terms are usually COD.  However, payment plans are available for Paralegal Associations and businesses.

Coaching services are rendered by hour in most cases. Payment of coaching fees are due at beginning of each session.  Coaching fees may vary based on each client’s coaching plan.  A quote is issued at the onset of services and include one free meet and greet session.

Flat fees for coaching services may be available. 

Mentoring fees are usually billed by session or by hour to be determined at the first meet and greet  session.  Mentoring services may require a 6 month to 12 month commitment. Each session is paid in advance.  Cancellation fees may apply.  Mentoring fees are to cover the mentor’s out of pocket costs, (i.e. phone, video conferencing platform, and or handouts and supplemental materials.)

Resumes and peer reviews are based upon how many documents you want us to draft/review /write and develop.  Therefore, we can’t issue a rate or fee quote until we review your current documents.

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