Frequently Asked Questions

Straightforward answers to everything you've ever wanted to know about our Mentoring Matters and Coaching Services.

What is the difference between Therapy and Coaching?

Therapy is offered by practicing therapist, medical doctors, and physiatrist. It focuses primarily on dealing with past issues and helps participants’ cope with and overcome emotional and physical issues based on mostly past events.

Coaching is typically offered by unlicensed professional specifically trained and or certified in a particular area or topic. Professional Coaches may or may not be regulated or registered by a state board or governing body.


I thought mentoring services are always free.

Mentoring is not always offer as a free program. Typically, for a person to receive free mentoring services, they should be an employee or student of a company or school program. Otherwise, to receive mentoring and coaching services from an expert in your field especially paralegals or virtual paralegal you should expect to pay a nominal fee for materials and time.

What is coaching and mentoring?

Coaching focuses on the present and future, the client’s strengths, life purpose, and goals. Coaches work with clients to create possibilities to enrich their lives. Coaching assumes the client is an an expert on his or her own life, i.e. able to determine what is best for his or her based on current skills and interests. The coach works along with clients to maximize each individual’s potential and helps teach person navigate the path to success in obtaining individual goals.
Mentoring focuses on the same elements as coach except it focuses on teaching new skills and requires a longer commitment of time and resources from both the Mentor and Mentee.

Are my session fees refundable?

No, session fees are nonrefundable. All session, class, webinar, seminar, registration fees and package fees are nonrefundable.  Our fees are based upon the anticipated out of pocket costs incurred by our mentors and coaches.  Typically, our fees are not marked up for a profit.  We merely charge a nominal fee to cover costs.  

What is the difference between a mentor and a coach?

A coach is a professional who guides and is used more as a sounding board allowing the client to reach short-term goals. The coach shares his or experiences, possible outcomes, and barriers that the client may face when working towards a specific goal.

A mentor is a professional who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviors.

Do you charge a cancellation fee?

Please notify your mentor or coach if you need to cancel your sessions, meetings, or class. All classes, webinars, seminars, and prepaid services are non refundable.

All cancellations received 24 hour or less may be assessed a cancellation fee up to 1 hour of coaching or mentoring.

Speaking engagements have a kill policy. Please refer to your speaking engagement contract.

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