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"Holly is an excellent mentor! She is dedicated to guiding you on a path that will suit you and your own personal goals as well as teaching you new and exciting things about your trade. She is a great sounding board for new ideas and always there to listen when you need to work through something."
Kate Sisil
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What we do

Our mentors, coaches, and consultants offer a  variety of different service based on each clients’ individual incentives and objectives. The services offered range from one on one consulting, traditional mentoring, and coaching to marketing classes, and marketing services. 


Who we are

Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC is the leading virtual paralegal and virtual assistant service provider in the United States, proudly offering paralegal help to solo lawyers, law firms, and attorneys.  

Although our paralegal services are exclusively for licensed attorneys only, we do provide marketing and general administrative services to doctors, small businesses, and real estate agents and brokers.  


As a company we partner and collaborate with the BEST vendors in the paralegal and marketing industries which allows us to stay ahead of all the rest, and teach our clients how to become part of an elite group of professionals. In other words, we teach you to become the BEST!

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